4 Things Mentally Strong Salespeople Do That Average Reps Don’t

Written by Carole Mahoney | @icarolemahoney

If you were to name the number-one thing that separates great from average salespeople, what would it be? Their ability to build rapport? The guts and smarts to ask tough and thoughtful questions? The way that they recover from rejection like a duck shaking water off its back? The endless energy and discipline to hustle? Or their mastery of the latest tools and social selling techniques?

Hint: It’s probably not what you might think and the answer doesn’t lie within your CRM system (though metrics found in your CRM could provide a hint to where to start digging for the source of the problem).

The one quality that separates great performers from average ones is mental toughness.

Read on to learn how mentally strong salespeople think, how it impacts how they sell, and how they actually close deals.

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