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Pay Per Click AdvertisingEven though Google has made it easier for people to get started in AdWords, the system is fundamentally complex and if you are not an expert, you will waste a lot of money trying to compete with experienced AdWords experts. You can overpay dramatically and see very little results from your campaign. Since 2003, we have been reviewing campaigns and in almost every case we see fundamental errors being made which drive cost sky high and reduce results dramatically.


Our decade-plus experience with Google AdWords gives you a real advantage over your competitors. Furthermore, few companies have actually consulted for two major search engines and this gives our clients a distinct internet marketing advantage compared to other vendors.


Google PPC Management & Pay-per-Click Success!


High-quality traffic increases, through expert Google AdWords management, leads directly to more inquiries and sales. Google AdWords allows you to immediately drive traffic and test out your target market before making a long or large commitment with SEO or longer-term marketing campaigns. It can also have a very powerful impact on your brand. It is not uncommon to see results within a short period of time, though clients are advised to give such campaigns ample time to be refined and improved to get the maximum results.


How to Succeed with Google Adwords


Developing a great website is the first step on the path to Internet success. The next step is to create an organized Internet marketing campaign. Ideally, this includes Google AdWords and an SEO Strategy to drive a high volume of Internet visitors to your website. Google AdWords can provide fantastic Internet marketing insights and it allows you to test market keywords that could be used as part of an overall long-term SEO strategy instead of guessing or assuming which keywords will be the most productive.


Your Google AdWords strategy will be comprised of several tactics to accomplish your goals:


  • Hiring a Great Tampa Google AdWords Company
  • Full Internet marketing debrief
  • Defining your target audience
  • Defining the goals for your campaign
  • Full research on keywords, key phrases, and longtail keywords
  • Splitting campaign into highly targeted ad groups
  • Creating high ROI landing pages & split testing landing pages
  • Installing Google analytics, Google goal tracking, Google conversion tracking
  • Development of a Remarketing Campaign for maximum Adwords ROI
  • Using dynamic keyword insertion within ads
  • Split testing all ads
  • Liberal use of negative keywords
  • Liberal use of a variety of match types (broad plus match, phrase match, exact match, broad match)
  • Geographic and local targeting
  • Demographic targeting
  • Using add extensions
  • Using site links
  • Using call tracking
  • Constantly testing new keywords, new ads, new ad groups, etc., etc.


Hire an Expert Pay per Click (PPC) Management Company


As you can see, there are many tactics that should be used to make a Google AdWords campaign successful. There are even more tactics available, however, the point is to show you a few of the main strategies that should be implemented in order to make your Google AdWords campaign successful.


If you are not using most of these tactics, your campaign is running ineffectively in your spending more money than you should be. This is why the automated campaign setups that allow users to set up their own campaigns often fail. They do not implement all these tactics and so they are competing against competitors who are using them, and they simply can’t compete and end up paying far too much and getting little to no results.


The only way these days to really succeed with Google AdWords is to really learn the system inside and out so that you’re implementing all of the tools and features necessary to make a campaign succeed.


When a Google AdWords campaign is set up properly, it can have an enormous impact on a business. New highly qualified leads are coming in on a daily basis, which always results in new sales being made and that is how it should be. Anything less and something’s not right.

The  Best Google AdWords Management Company!


There’s no reason now to suffer from poor performance in your Google AdWords campaign. You’ve just had the wrong person on the job. We would love to be able to help you set up and run your Google AdWords campaign so that you can start achieving the online success you always wanted.

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