Start your own Drop-Shipping Business.

Anybody can dropship with the right tools


The biggest difference between dropshipping and the standard retail is that the seller (YOU) doesn’t have to stock or own the items that you plan to sell. Instead, you would purchase inventory as needed from a third party – usually a wholesaler or manufacturer – to send to buyers as they purchase them from your website.


There is no reason to worry about taking up space in your home or office or managing bulky packages. You would simply log into your site, check your purchases and use a portion of what buyers pay you to buy the item at a reduced cost from your supplier. Simple as 1, 2, 3.


  1. Buyer visits your site.
  2. The buyer sees an item and buys it for $34.00
  3. You get paid.
  4. You go to your 3rd party supplier or wholesalers site and locate the item.
  5. You buy the item for $12.00.
  6. The supplier sends the item to your buyer.




Less Capital Is Required – Probably the biggest advantage to dropshipping is that it’s possible to launch an e-commerce store without having to invest thousands of dollars in inventory up front. Traditionally, retailers have had to tie up huge amounts of capital purchasing inventory.


With the dropshipping model, you don’t have to purchase a product unless you already made the sale and have been paid by the customer. Without major up-front inventory investments, it’s possible to start a successful dropshipping business with very little money.

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